Simple dosing device and PE dosing barrel

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Simple dosing device and PE dosing barrel

Simple dosing device
1, working principle
     Dosing device is a metering pump as the main dosing equipment, dissolver box, agitator, liquid level gauge, safety valve, check valve, pressure gauge, filter, buffer, pipeline, valve, base, escalator, automatic monitoring system, power control system, etc. are assembled on a common platform according to the technological process needs,Form a module,The so-called skid mounted combined unit (abbreviated as "skid body")。According to the need to put the quantity of medicine into the stirring solution box for stirring dissolution, after the dissolution is complete, and then through the metering pump to the dosing point of the working process, the size of the dosage can be freely adjusted to meet the different dosage places。

2Scope of application
     Water treatment with coagulant, filter aid, disinfectant, acid lye;Adding corrosion and scale inhibitor to cooling water and circulating water;In chemical industry, printing and dyeing, acid, lye and other solutions are added。

3, product features
     Automatic dosing control device can realize the best automatic control of dosing amount. The biggest advantages of this system are reliable performance, long life, good starting characteristics and low energy consumption。The device can also be used as the speed control system of AC motor such as water pump, oil pump and fan to realize the pressure and flow control of the liquid and steam body in the infusion pipeline。

4, product specifications
     Customers can combine freely according to their own needs:
     a, dosing barrel + metering pump + mixer + automatic instrument + level gauge + control electric box。
     b. Dosing barrel: white and yellow。Volume: 50L, 100L, 200L, 300L, 500L, 1000L Material: PE, carbon steel liner or stainless steel。
     c, applicable metering pump capacity: 5-15L diaphragm metering pump, 15-130L horizontal mechanical diaphragm pump, 130L-2000L vertical mechanical diaphragm pump。
     d, mixer: cycloidal and gear mixer, adjustable and non-adjustable。
     e, automatic instrument: PH meter, ORP meter, dissolved oxygen meter, conductivity meter, residual chlorine detector, turbidity meter, etc。
     f, liquid level meter: magnetic flap liquid level meter and induction type liquid level meter。
     g, control box: manual and automatic (box with stainless steel and paint)。
     h, remote control, can access the computer management system。

5Ordering Instructions
    The following parameters need to be provided when ordering: volume, material, mixing form, control mode, etc。


Simple dosing device and PE dosing barrel
PEDosing tank

1Product introduction
      In the water treatment project, the dosing box is mainly used for stirring, dissolving and storing various agents, and then adding the liquid medicine to each dosing point through the metering pump or water injector。 The shape of the filling box is divided into square and round, and the material is polyethylene (PE). Through the rotomizing technology, the installation position of the metering pump and the mixer is preset on the upper part. The mixer, the filling box and the metering pump are three in one, which is very convenient to use。

2. Product specifications

Simple dosing device and PE dosing barrel

3. Ordering Instructions
      When ordering, please indicate the model, size and quantity of the products purchased。
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