Stainless steel cylindrical insulated water tank

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Stainless steel cylindrical insulated water tank

Stainless steel insulation water tank, computer operation, machine foaming, standard thickness of insulation layer 125px, insulation layer thickness uniform, beautiful appearance, good insulation effect。The style is divided into stainless steel cylindrical vertical insulation water tank, stainless steel cylindrical horizontal insulation water tank, stainless steel square insulation water tank。

Durability of cylindrical stainless steel tank:

1, the use of food grade SUS304 stainless steel reel at the same time to the box reinforcement, butt weld is uniform, and the box steel degree is sufficient。

2. The top and bottom of the box are formed by a large hydraulic press。

3, the use of special high-frequency hob-welding machine welding, welding quality is reliable, eliminate welding stress, anti-corrosion performance is greatly enhanced。

4, the pipe welding adopts concentric process, minimize the welding process of stainless steel material changes, reduce intergranular corrosion, improve anti-corrosion performance。

5, the development of enterprise standards, rules to follow, there are laws to follow。

6, according to the standard strict testing, reliable quality。

Cylindrical stainless steel water tank performance characteristics:

1, Shuangchen brand stainless steel hot water storage tank is made of imported SUS304 stainless steel plate, chemical liquid storage container is made of SUS444, SUS316 stainless steel plate。

2. The size, location and quantity of inlet and outlet are selected by the customer。

3, the special size of the water tank by the customer to provide drawings, the company according to the drawings construction。

Energy saving:

1, polyurethane insulation layer adopts professional mechanical foaming, compared with manual foaming polyurethane density is higher, to ensure the insulation performance of the water tank。

2, the box, maintenance holes, etc. are made of high frequency resistance welding of the seam welding machine, thoroughly ensure that the box is tight, and effectively prevent the damage of external rain and internal steam to the insulation layer。

3, the box and the bottom are designed with heat-proof bridge。

4. The one-way convection device is installed on the overflow hole to effectively prevent the convection heat transfer between the upper air of the water tank and the outside air。

5, really do 24 hours only 3 degrees of cooling。

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